New Report – From Ambition to Action: Diverse Hedge Fund and Finance Professionals Weigh in on DEI Efforts and Where We Go from Here


Of respondents report that their firms do not have a diversity and inclusion committee


Of respondents are the first in their family to work in financial services and/or the alternative investment industry


Of respondents who perceive ethnicity as a hindrance felt they had faced overt or covert racism/bigotry

Our new report on our diverse members and allies’ experiences offers a nuanced understanding of the perspectives of Black and brown individuals within the hedge fund and financial services industries in today’s polarized environment. A growing body of research shows that inclusive team cultures don't just benefit individuals; they enhance team dynamics, foster innovation, and drive superior business results. Despite the hedge fund and financial services industries having voiced a strong commitment to increasing diversity, our findings indicate that the results of most DEI efforts have not been effective in making real progress in building diverse teams or inclusive cultures. While companies express good intentions and allocate resources to make an impact, this alone is ineffective without a concurrent shift in organizational culture. Explore our report to learn more about our findings and the actionable recommendations we propose for industry players.

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Black Hedge Fund Pros Aim for Big Growth, New Talent Pipeline

Read about how The Black Hedge Fund Professionals Network is focusing on networking and career advancement, expanding the candidate pipeline and creating a place for authentic conversations on diversity.

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Hedgeweek Progress In Sight: Andra Ofosu

Andra Ofosu, founder of Black Hedge Fund Professionals Network, speaks on the diversity, equity and inclusion challenges in the hedge fund industry and advises on solutions for improvement

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Black Hedge Fund Professionals Network Finds Strength In Community

What began as an after-work social group for Black professionals in the hedge fund space to network, find mentors and identify career opportunities has since evolved into a network that aims to help shape a shifting asset management landscape that has placed greater importance on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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